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As a professional in higher education for nearly 30 years, I am eager to bring my experience to the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents. Having worked as a professor, administrator and leader in higher ed, I have unique skills and perspectives that will enhance the education of Nevada’s college students. The future of Nevada’s workforce, professional education and research needs to be stewarded by professionals committed to guiding the Nevada System of Higher Education into the second quarter of the 21st Century.



Promote access to higher education and capital investment in brick and mortar and online learning infrastructure in rural Nevada.

a. Continue to invest in in-person instruction in rural communities in critical career areas such as health care and mining technology.
b.  Assure access to higher education in every rural community through continued partnerships with school districts.
c. Increase broadband capacities at rural campuses and centers.



Continue to build Nevada System of Higher Education online education using Great Basin College’s world class distance education faculty and infrastructure as the foundation for expanding NSHE’s world-wide reach.

a.    Capitalize on the City of Elko’s investment in community-wide broadband to create the GBC Elko campus as the center for Distance Education in Nevada.



Using the developing NSHE strategic plan and the ongoing conversations surrounding “Question One”, engage in a comprehensive transformation of the operations of NSHE.

a.    Questions remain about the future of governance within NSHE. We must look at this as an opportunity, and work to transform NSHE to better serve students in the 21st Century.



Work to restore public trust in the Board of Regents.




John Patrick Rice has lived and worked in Elko, in the heart of rural Nevada, since 1996. He is employed by Great Basin College where he has served on the faculty and in the administration. As a faculty member, he teaches fine arts, humanities and communications. He served multiple terms as GBC’s Faculty Senate Chair. He also served as the Chair of the Nevada System of Higher Education Council of Senate Chairs, representing more than 5,000 members of the NSHE faculty.

As an administrator, he was the Chief Development Officer and the Executive Director of Great Basin College Foundation. At the foundation he designed and executed multiple capital campaigns, helping to raise more than $20 million in alternative funding for higher education in rural Nevada.

Rice is no stranger to governance. He served three terms on the Elko City Council, the last as the Mayor Pro Tempore of the City of Elko. He has also advised Nevada’s federal delegation, speaking on higher education, work force development, and economic development at the U.S. Senate Rural Caucus. He was invited to participate in the White House Community College Conference hosted by President Obama. He was recently appointed by the U.S. Senate to serve as a Board of Trustee for the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

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